The past 2 weeks were incredible - exactly what my soul needed.

Two weekends ago, I went camping with a group of some of my oldest friends (I’m talking I’ve known some of them for +21 years!!! Sweet tits.) Anywho, on Sunday we hiked up to Joffre Lake… and sweet baby jebus, was it worth it.

The following weekend (so last weekend), I went camping with Kelly, Jo, Greg, Zach and his girlfriend Sarah. 

I should add that Kelly had told Zach before hand that him and I getting together was her dream couple, and he said that he had a crush on me and got butterflies everytime we talk.

I was nervous going into the trip, because: 1) I was on/off boning Greg, and 2) I’d just found out Zach (Greg’s roommate) has a lil crush on me and knows I do back, and 3) Zach’s girlfriend was going. It was just all such a muddled mess.

BUT TURNED OUT TO BE SO GOOD aside from my magic mushroom panic attacks (let me tell you, I’ve done my fair share of shrooms… and never once have I had a panic attack?! It was so weird.) But once those subsided (and Zach and Sarah went off to bonedown), we had a late night dance and shotgun party. Seriously. Shotgunned atleast 7 beers each in the time span of 2 hours… it was just insane.

Greg and I have recently started up this weird form of teenage foreplay, where we pretend to play-fight/tickle/girl-chase-boy sort of silliness that is just my new favourite thing ever. And fuck me, does it work. The past few times we’ve hooked up have been out of control good.