I woke up this Saturday in such a great mood, I had gotten +12 hours of sleep last night (in my bed by 9:00pm!), and 11 hours the previous night.

Not to mention that I’d gotten laid Thursday evening, and went to the Douglas Coupland exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery with my bestie yesterday. It’s been a good past few days.

Anyways, I wake up and get the coffee on, and run to the corner store to grab cream. I get back, and Jenn and my mom are here.

Jenn’s acting all bratty towards my mom (like she does when she spends long periods of time with her), and from the snippets of passive aggressiveness I catch from two of them, they have been talking about my dad.

I try to change the subject by mentioning this program at BCIT that I’m interested in, and that leads my mom to ask me about my job (“Well, are you going to quit then!?) I spend a good 5 minutes explaining my crazy bosses, and the ridiculous expectations they have considering how little I really get paid, and how I just can’t work there anymore. My mom then said, “well, you haven’t taken a vacation since starting there. I think that’s all you need.” YEAH MOM, YOU’RE RIGHT. Good thing they pay me PEANUTS (and also give me GRIEF) when I try to get away for more than a weekend.

My mom responds with, “well, how are you going to pay rent if you don’t work there? Think of how long you were unemployed before this job - just stick around until you have somewhere else lined up.”

GRANTED: that’s the responsible, reasonable advice that a parental unit should tell you. 

Especially since I did take a few months of unemployment before getting this job, because I was a picky mother fucker who didn’t want to settle on a place I wasn’t proud of.

But I was near tears while explaining how unhappy I’ve been for the past few months, and how I can’t work for these 2 people anymore, and I really just wanted my mom to be a bit more supportive.

So, I grabbed my coffee off the kitchen table, stormed off to my room and slammed my door like the grown up I am.

DAMN IT I was in such a good mood! And now I’m all riled up.

I love my family (duh, obviously), but sometimes their negativeness is just totally overwhelming and all-consuming.